Episode 5 –  Hotel Villa di Piazzano – Passatelli Pasta with sausage and mushroom sauce

“A truly unique and elegant villa”

The Chef: Raffaele Serafini

Raffaele is originally from Emilia Romagna, a region with a rich culinary tradition. However, he has trained internationally and worked in some of the best restaurants in China, South East Asia, Eastern Europe and Italy.
He has developed a particular interest for foraging wild edibles and herbs, as well as, using fresh ingredients from the hotel organic kitchen garden.
His mission is to showcase Tuscan territory and its traditions, with particular respect for nature and seasonality.

List of the ingredients:
For 2 people
For the Passatelli
Bread Crumbs 80g
Grana Padano Cheese 60g
Flour Type “0” 20g
Whole Eggs n.2

For the Sauce
Sausages (150g) n.2
You could substitute sausage with chopped veal or beef or even make a vegetarian version of it
Cherry tomato 200g
Mushroom Champignon 80g
Basil, Fresh Chili, Extra virgin olive oil

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Passatelli is a traditional pasta usually used in clear soups or consomme’ for special events or holiday such Christmas or Easter.
With an unknown historical origin, Passatelli is a tradi􀀁onal pasta prepared constantly by the ‘Azdora (Old Lady) from South of Emilia Romagna and North of Marche.
In this video we will present a more modern version without the consomme’, served like a regular pasta.


The Hotel :

Every part of Italy has its own unique identity, but Villa di Piazzano almost seems like it exists solely to prove a point: the dividing line between Tuscany and Umbria literally runs through the hotel’s grounds, which means that rather than represent some essential characteristics of one or the other region, it’s free simply to be itself. And what it is, whether Tuscan or Umbrian, is an extraordinary hotel, a Renaissance-era villa that’s been expanded to 31 rooms and suites and transformed into an exquisitely tasteful luxury boutique hotel.
Space is plentiful in the rooms and suites, and the estate, with its rambling gardens and its lovely pool, offers plenty of opportunity for pleasant diversion.

The Location:

Though it’s set just ten minutes’ drive from Cortona, its immediate surroundings are a protected natural reserve, which lends a distinctly pastoral flavor to this onetime hunting manor.
The nearest airport is Florence, 84 miles from the property.

The Cuisine:

The food and wine is up to the highest standard as well — L’Antica Casina di Caccia, the fine-dining restaurant, is highly regarded. The Chef uses only the freshest local ingredients. It specializes in Tuscan cuisine and homemade pasta.
Meals are served out on the terrace overlooking the surrounding countryside.
There is also a more casual Bistro, and cooking classes are available several days a week.

Cooking class and wine tasting
Cortona: The town has a medieval atmosphere with elegant renaissance buildings.
Etruscan Museum: where one can admire numerous artefacts of the ancient Etruscan civilization
the “Annunciation” by Beato Angelico in the Diocesan Museum, the most important work of art on display. The painting dates back to 1430.
Arezzo: you can see Piero della Francesca’s famous fresco cycle depicting the Legend of the Cross. These are the frescoes that Julie􀀂e Binoche gets to look at while dangling from a rope in the movie « The English Patient. »



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