Episode 4 –  Restaurant Wine Bar Goguette in Paris – Risotto Italian Sausage Leek & Mint

“A fun restaurant and wine bar”

The Chef: Gianmarco Gorni (top Chef France contender season 2020)
Gianmarco is from Verona, Italy. His menu strikes a smart balance between snacking and more serious dining with an Italian twist. His cuisine is definitely anti conventional, audacious and creative. He has received a very classical training and has worked for various Michelin Star Chefs such as Giancarlo Perbellini, David Toutain, Thierry Marx and Sylvain Sendra. Special mention should be made of Gianmarco’s underrated talents with dessert. His deconstructed cheesecake is legendary.

List of the ingredients:
Ingredients for 2 people
You could make it a vegetarian risotto Leek & Mint
150 gr rice Arborio or Carnaroli Butter about 100 grs
1 to 1½ cup of vegetable broth Mint
1 white onion
1 leek
½ Italian sausage or chopped veal Parmesan cheese
1 glass of white wine

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The Restaurant: Goguette
In French, to be “en goguette,” means to be out on the town having a good time.
Guillaume Dupre’s bistrot style restaurant founded in 2018 is fun and offers one of the best Paris natural wine bars.
It boasts a super glass encased wine cellar containing more than 100 gems, old vintages and special “cuvees” of natural wines from all over the world. The restaurant is located in the Marais.
108 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris, France

The Location: The Marais district, Paris

The Highlights: Discover our best tips and walk in the footsteps of Victor Hugo “Les Miserables”

Stroll around Place des Vosges:
Originally known as Place Royale, the earliest planned square in the city is enclosed by red brick houses and shopping arcades built in the early 1600s, bars and restaurants.

Eat at L’As Du Fallafel, in the heart of the Jewish district Situated in Rue des Rosiers, you will taste the very best falafel in Paris in this Kosher Middle Eastern restaurant.
32-34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris, France

The Highlights:

Visit the Picasso Museum

This stunning 17th century building holds more than 5,000 artworks by the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.
5 Rue de Thorigny

Tea Time at Mariage Freres: Mariage Frères, France’s oldest tea house is now the world’s most exclusive luxury tea merchant. Over 600 varieties of rare teas are laid out apothecary style and served by sommeliers in white linen jackets.
Dedicated to tea lovers, it is a treat for the senses.
30 Rue du Bourg Tibourg



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