England, Scotland and Ireland:  island countries of vast green spaces, but also picturesque mountains and lakes but also lush valleys, ragged coastline, old-fashioned market towns and ancient castles.

Drive through bucolic sceneries with green fields, ancient forests and gardens bursting with flowers.  Walk through cobblestone streets and admire  Victorian charm. 

See picturesque villages with brightly colored houses and shops or thatched houses. 

Discover rugged seascapes, cliffs, rolling farmland, fishing villages and art communities. 

London, one of the great cities of the world. Visit landmarks such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Covent Garden and Kensington Palace.  

Travel and discover the countryside:  Greenwich, Bath, Stonehenge, Oxford or Cambridge.

For foodies: Try farmhouse cheeses, brown bread, smoked fish, black pudding, fish and chips. Eat in at a pub featuring traditional music.  Drink terrific whiskey or original beers. 

For active travels enjoy golf, fishing, horseback riding, falconry, kayaking and more





Discover England with us, from London, one of the greatest and trendiest cities in the world to the Cotswolds bucolic countryside and villages, to the rugged landscapes of Cornwall. England has a lot to offer.  

Traditional yet avant-garde, historical but always looking to the future, conservative though liberal and tolerant, Britain, is a land full of surprises. 


Drive through spectacular landscapes: Sparkling lochs, dramatic glens and romantic castles, coastlines that are the epitome of Scottish scenery and the spectacular Scottish Highlands.

Haunt the Castles: Scotland contains more castles than anywhere else in the world. Many are in ruins, but others are architectural masterpieces filled with paintings and antiques. 


It is all about the scenery:  white sheep grazing on green grass, cliffs plunging into the ocean, brightly painted pubs,  medieval castles, pastures delineated by dry-stone walls, wildflower fields, and authentic farms.  

Stay in a castle:  enjoy the range of activities:  horseback riding, golfing, fishing or falconry or archery or simply enjoy the beautiful grounds.

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