The Middle East and Northen Africa will stir your soul and challenge your perceptions.  You will discover something different and make a connection with the past.

It is a land of rich history and culture.

ISRAEL: Visit both the Jewish, Muslim and Christian sites and beautiful, iconic places such as the Dead Sea, Galilee, Golan Heights, and the Negev Desert and archaeological sites such as Beit Shean and Masada.
Discover the culture and visit a kibbutz, local markets and sample Israeli wines.
Relax on the beach in Tel Aviv, ride camels in the Negev Desert and take a dipp in the natural hot spring pools.  

TURKEY:  Go from cosmopolitan cities to archaeological sites, to curious landscapes straight out of a storybook such as the cascading mineral pools of Pamukkale. 
Shop, shop and shop in bazaars and street markets that reflects millennia-old trade routes: spices, silks, jewelry, carpets….Eat chicken with apricots and almonds, slow-roasted eggplant with garlic and lemon, lamb shish kebab, honey pastries and lots of yogurt. 

MOROCCO:  the melting pot with Berber-Arab-Spanish-Portuguese-French flavors.  It will seduce your senses.
Walk through medinas, ride camels in the desert, sleep in Bedouin tents or a traditional Kasbah, hike in the High Atlas Mountains or surf in Essaouira. Shop t’ill your drop in colorful souks:  copper bowls and platters, hand-knotted rugs, wooden marquetry or mosaic tiles, designer kaftans, Moroccan tea sets and much more. Eat aromatic tajines, mezze salads (hot and cold), delicious breads and rich olive oil, merguez (spicy sausage), couscous, and pastille. 




Discover spectacular cultural and natural treasures. 

Discover The Western Wall on the Eve of Sabbath: be part of the flow of worshippers making their way downhill through the bazaars and alleys of the Old City as they move toward the Western Wall. Feel the magnetism and charisma that this remnant of the ancient Temple possesses for millions in the Jewish world.

Visit Iconic places:  the Dead Sea, Galilee, Golan Heights, and the Negev Desert. 


Take a hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia: Float above surreal landscape of fairy chimneys and other unusual geological formations.  Admire the changing colors as the sun rises over the cliffs.  

Spend a romantic night in a Cave: experience the troglodyte life and sleep in a low ceilings room where the light is dim.  Some of these « cave hotels » are rudimentary, others very luxurious; but all are cool in summer and warm in winter.  


A melting pot of Arabic, Jewish, Berber and European cultures, Morocco has many layers to explore.

Walk through the winding stone backstreets of ancient medinas (old towns), smell the exotic tall bags of spices, the aroma of orange blossom and shop for rugs, scarves and babouche shoes or copper bowls and platters.  

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