Experience the beauty and romance of Prague, Budapest and Krakow.

Central Europe represents Europe’s cultural and architectural diversity. It boasts one of the highest densities of architectural history in the world. There’s no better place to step back in time.  Walk through fascinating, historic neighborhoods, take cruises on the Danube, visit major Jewish sites, but also beautiful churches, former royal palaces and outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Listen to music and operas in churches and historical state opera houses.

For foodies: Try sausage in street stands,  that sell frankfurters and kasekrainer (a cheese-filled sausage) or chestnuts and sliced potatoes roasted on open drums.  Drink a cup of mulled wine on cold winter nights or a coffee or hot chocolate with an apple strudel in a 140-year-old Café.

Taste legendary pastries such as a flaky strudel with fillings like sour cherry and sweet poppy seed paste, dobos torte, a multi-layered sponge cake with chocolate buttercream or thekurtoskalacs, the cylindrical “chimney cake” that’s cooked on a wooden spindle over coals.

For shoppers:  Browse antiques markets, visit artisans’ workshops and design boutiques for porcelain and Bohemian glass.



Czech Republic

Stroll Across Charles Bridge: The silhouettes of the statues lining the 6-centuries-old crown jewel of Czech heritage hover like ghosts.  

Take a Slow Boat Down the Vltava: You can see many of the most striking architectural landmarks from the low-angle and low-stress vantage point of a rowboat you pilot yourself. At night, you can rent a dinghy with lanterns for a very romantic ride.


Reflect on History at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp (Oswiecim): This is one of the most deeply affecting and moving experiences you will have anywhere.  You will grasp the scale of the tragedy after a visit to Nazi wartime extermination camp and have a better understanding of the Holocaust. 

Visit UNESCO-listed sites such as Wieliczka Salt Mine a unique chapel hewn from salt or centuries-old wooden churches in southern Poland or Kraków Old Town.


Enjoy the thermal baths:  Budapest has more than 100 thermal springs. Enjoy and relax in the hot springs, including open-air pools and baths inside atmospheric historic building. 

Go to cafes:  Budapest is known for that, so taste good coffee and delicious pastries. It is not just about the food, but also the beautiful interiors and experiencing the local lifestyle.

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