Embark on an exciting escapade to Ischia Island, a haven of tranquility and natural beauty tucked away amidst the splendor of the Mediterranean. Our focus is to reveal the secrets of avoiding crowded places in Italy.  This mesmerizing island will allow your clients to savor the true essence of Ischia while relishing moments of serenity.


Embrace the Off-Season

The timing of a visit to Ischia can make all the difference in experiencing the island’s peaceful charm. Encourage your clients to consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn. The weather remains delightful,and the island is relatively less crowded, ensuring a more intimate encounter with its wonders. Not only will they have a chance to explore the attractions more freely, but they will also discover that many accommodations and activities offer discounts during these quieter periods.


Hidden Coves and Beaches

While Ischia is renowned for its captivating beaches, some lesser-known coastal gems offer a respite from bustling tourist spots. Recommend secluded coves like Sorgeto or Cartaromana Beach, where visitors can indulge in therapeutic hotsprings. These quieter shores provide the perfect setting for relaxation and reflection, away from the hustle and bustle of the busier beaches.


Venture into the Island’s Interior

Ischia’s allure is not limited to its coastlines alone; the island’s interior boasts breathtaking landscapes and unspoiled vistas. Encourage your clients to explore the lush greenery of Mount Epomeo, the highest peak on the island. Hiking trails wind through picturesque villages and offer panoramic views of the surrounding sea. Inland excursions provide a unique opportunity to connect with local culture and experience the traditional way of life and try rabbit!

Mount Epomeo

Visit Charming Villages

The main tourist areas of Ischia, such as Ischia Porto and Forio, can become quite lively during peak season. However, Ischia is adorned with charming villages where time seems to slow down. Suggest a visit to Sant’Angelo, a quaint fishing village on the southern coast, or Fontana, a peaceful hamlet with beautiful gardens and narrow alleys. These small towns exude an old-world charm and offer a chance to interact with the friendly locals.


Delve into Thermal Gardens

Ischia’s thermal spas are renowned for their healing properties and relaxation benefits. While the popular thermal parks can attract crowds, some lesser-known thermal gardens provide an exclusive and tranquil experience. Giardini Ravino and Negombo Thermal Park are examples of these hidden oases, where visitors can unwind in beautifully landscaped gardens while enjoying thermal pools, saunas,and wellness treatments.

Magali’s special recommendations

Stay at the hotel San Montano Resort & Spa

  • Forthe view of Naples,Mount Vesuvius, and the Sorrentine peninsula
  • For the great old world service
  • For the pizza restaurant overlooking the sea
  • For the beach
  • For the thermal pools and even rooms with private pools
  • For the sunset aperitivo
San Montano

Have dinner at Umberto a Mare

Umberto a Mare is an old-fashioned seafood restaurant located in the main town of Forio on Ischia. It offers great views of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as a variety of dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients. The waitstaff are polite and friendly, and the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting.


Bath in Cavascura

These are the remains of ancient Roman thermal baths and it is weird here- freaky even.  There are no modern pools at Cavascura.  You take baths in personal tubs carved out of the side of a cave and they pump hot spring water into your tub.  The staff here walks you through the suggested route.  You begin with a hot spring shower, a cold shower and a 10-minute schvitz in the cave sauna, which is hotboxed with the insanely hot vapors of the nearby spring pumped into the grotta.  The suggestion is to repeat this cycle three times and then there is the inhalation station- basically a curtain over a rock window where you inhale the steam of another hot spring.  After all of this, I suggest having the famous Ischia fangoterapia or mud therapy before your personal tub soak.  The muds of Ischia are mineral rich and detoxifying.  A mud specialists paints it all over your body and then you bake on a deck until you look like an aging Shrek.