Travel agents working with Essential Europe Travel are responsible in advising the customer of the proper documentation required for entry to your destination.

Travel agents working with Essential Europe Travel are responsible for checking accuracy of travel documents and vouchers issued by Essential Europe Travel. Travel agents must communicate with Essential Europe Travel immediately after receiving travel documentation in order to correct or update any services booked by Essential Europe Travel.

Essential Europe Travel takes great care in selecting the correct airlines, hotels and local operators. However we act as an intermediary between our clients and our suppliers in Europe. We facilitate quotes, bookings, communication, foreign currency payments, itinerary coordination and all details pertaining to a vacation between the client and the suppliers. Therefore we assume no responsibility or liability in connection with any air or land service we offer, except to the extent of the value of a said service disputed by a client at our discretion and that of our supplier, pending valid proof from the client that a said service was not rendered correctly.

Essential Europe Travel shall not be liable for any act, error or omission or for any neglect or default in any vehicle, or for any neglect or default of any company or person conveying the passenger or for any damage or inconvenience caused by late air, or land transportation or by any chance of schedule or other conditions.

Essential Europe Travel will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to baggage or any article belonging to the passenger. Quoted and published rates and availability for hotels, excursions or any services offered by Essential Europe Travel Inc. may change without notice due to the following reasons: Euro versus dollar fluctuations, supplier availability at time of booking, supplier rate adjustment at time of booking and any inflation due to gasoline prices and economic uncertainty.



Charter Flights: These flights are subject to particular terms and conditions which are clearly defined in the «Charter Operator-Participant Contract» to be provided, when purchasing any charter air arrangements, please refer to the corresponding participant contract which you are required to read and sign at the time of reservation and prior to sending your payment.

Scheduled Flights: All non-charter flights are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the carrier, and the tickets, coupons, tariffs or vouchers issued by the carrier, for which Essential Europe Travel Inc. is acting only as an agent.



For most reservations, full payment is due 45 days prior to departure, except for group bookings, where deposits may be required shortly after the reservation is made. For reservations made less than 30 days prior to departure, full payment is due at time of reservation. Option date is given at time of reservation, and rules may vary according to season. Payment options are: agency checks, wire transfers and major credit cards.



All prices quoted in this brochure are accurate at the time of printing, and are subject to change without notice. Essential Europe Travel Inc. does require a deposit at time of reservation and the remaining balance must be paid 60 days prior to departure, unless otherwise stipulated. We only sell FIT packages and we cannot price individual items.



Documents, such as tickets, vouchers, coupons, etc. issued by or through Essential Europe Travel will be sent to the participant as soon as full payment has been received. For rail tickets, there is a fee of $40 for Fedex. Official travel documents (passports, visas, etc,) are the responsibility of the passenger.



Note: Notification of changes and/or cancellations must be in writing. For Scheduled Flights: Policy for Changes varies according to the airline concerned. In the event of cancellation, airfares are nonrefundable. Full details upon request. We strongly advise the purchase of travel insurance.




Type of arrangements Date of change Fee per person
Hotels Between 15 to 30 days of travel First night of accommodation penalty*
Hotels Within 15 days of travel First 2 nights of accommodation penalty*
Packages that include hotels and tours Prior 90 days of travel Deposit
Packages that include hotels and tours Prior 60 days of travel No refund

* depending of terms and conditions of the hotels



Hotels, meals, sightseeing, car rentals, and other land services will be furnished as offered in the description of each package or component, except that the tour operator reserves the right to make alterations as may be mandated by necessities of logistics, scheduling, room or equipment availabilities, etc. Unless otherwise specified, tips and taxes for package-related services and other arrangements are not included in the prices quoted. Also not included are expenses such as meals, beverages, liquors, mineral waters, gratuities, porterage charges, etc. that are not specifically mentioned in the package or component descriptions, vouchers and/or other documents provided. Items of a personal nature are never included.



Essential Europe and its local suppliers reserve the right to substitute the rented apartment/villa with another similar or higher quality apartment in case the apartment rented in this contract failed to be rented due to the following reasons (a, b, or c): a) Internal damages; b) death of apartment›s owner or spouse; c) any other security reasons that could be a risk for the clients’ security. If the apartment or villa rental substituted is not as similar or of higher quality, Essential Europe will refund the difference to the clients between the 2 properties.

Cancellation: Cancellation policy for these apartments is full penalty the moment it has been confirmed.

Loss or Damages: Any loss, damage or staining in the apartment must be paid for, whether accidental or deliberate, and therefore, due care and attention is advised. We are not responsible if you cannot operate machinery in European apartments or villas (ex: A/C unit, washing machine, coffee maker. Even though at the end of the tenancy, cleaning is included in the price, unless otherwise stated, a local charge for extra cleaning will be levied in case the apartment is left in an unusual dirty or messy condition.

Lost keys: It is vital that clients DO NOT lose keys during occupancy or take the keys away with them at the end of their stay. If keys are not returned to us for whatever reason, the cost of a new locking system to maintain security, and the cost of extra key cutting will be charged to the client’s credit card, or subtracted from the security deposit.

No smoking policy: Clients should be aware that if they DO smoke in a NON SMOKING property, the landlords will exercise the right to charge for the cleaning of curtains, carpets and upholstery in order to get rid of the remaining odors and smoke stains. Please make sure if you are a smoker that you are allocated a smoking property.

Maximum occupancy: Please note that concerning the occupancy of the apartment the number of person cannot be exceeded under any circumstances. Additional guests cannot be accommodated unless otherwise agreed prior to arrival, and failure to inform us could render the contract not valid as cancelled and no refund will be given, and could create a loss of the security deposit.

Apartment description: Clients are responsible for reading the description and understanding what they are renting: number of rooms, bedding type (twin or double beds), number of bathrooms, showers or bathtubs. No refund or apartment exchange will be accepted in case of misconception or misunderstanding.



Type of arrangements Date of change Fee per person
Hotels Prior the voucher issue None
Hotels After the voucher issue $50 per change per item
Packages that include hotels and tours Prior the voucher issue None
Packages that include hotels and tours After the voucher issue $50 per change per item



Travel insurance is not included with the packages and other arrangements featured in this program; however, for your protection and peace of mind, we highly recommend that you insure yourself against trip cancellation, medical emergencies or illness, and baggage loss.



Essential Europe Travel acts only as an agent (with services provided by independent companies), and shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss (including baggage loss or damage), expense, or other irregularity caused by the defect of any vehicle or conveyance, or the negligence of any company or person engaged in conveying the passenger or carrying out the arrangements for the tour or by accident, delay, flight schedule, change, cancellation, sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine, or any similar cause, Liability of Essential Europe Travel shall in any case be limited to the amount paid to Essential Europe Travel, and any claim shall be adjudicated in and governed by the laws of the State of New York. Personal and baggage insurance is recommended and available.

The airline is not to be held responsible for any act, omission, or event during the time passengers are not on board the aircraft. The passenger ticket, issued by the airline, shall constitute the sole contract between the airline and the purchaser and/or passenger the services of any IATA carrier may be used; the validity of these provisions shall be independent.


Notification of changes and/or cancellations must be in writing. No refund on unused land arrangements once the trip has started. No refund for partially used car rental vouchers.


Essential Europe Travel Inc.

a New York State Corporation

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The information provided in this document is subject to change without notice.